Agata Read, Lemany

Curator: Joanna Rzepka-Dziedzic


They call it Kashubian Switzerland: 700 lakes, rivers, untamed beaches, dense forests, charming villages.

Grandpa discovered Lemany once upon a time. A lovely spot. Right on the lake.

Father designed the house, in the early 1970s. It was functional and handsome.

We used to spend the whole summer holiday there. A roaming pack of children and dogs. Endless visits from friends and acquaintances. Mother and Aunt kept an eye on us, alternating watches. The summers were long. They brimmed over.

On Fridays we listened to Niedźwiecki on the radio.

The passage of days was measured by the tanning of our skin, the bleaching of our blonde hair. Our bonds—sisterly, brotherly—were strong. Community was clear. Unquestioned.

The house is empty these days. Visits are few and far between. The key is quietly passed. The air is different, heavier.

Images that cannot be unseen.

Words that cannot be unheard.

Formal ties. No gatherings. Death.


Agata Read (born 1978, Gdańsk, Poland) is an interior designer and photographer. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where she is now pursuing a doctorate; is a graduate of the Sputnik Photos collectives Mentoring Programme; and also studied at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. Before dedicating herself to photography, she worked with screen printing for many years. Her research interests include into the relationship between place and space, and the role of such spatial interplay in shaping human awareness. She lives and works in England, in the town of Hastings.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Due to sanitary restrictions max 50 people are allowed to stay in the exhibition space, addition to the artists and curators.


ul. Dolnych Młynów 10

Exhibition open:

26.06. - 19.07.2020
Thu-Fri 3 pm-7 pm
Sat-Sun 11 am-7 pm


Free admission